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The technology for forecasting productivity in terrigenous reservoirs of the open wellbore

The technology is intended for the forecast of the most achievable productivity of terrigenous formations applying the existing well construction technologies.

The technology is developed on the basis of the analysis and correlation of operational data and well-logging data, results of hydrodynamic survey and core studies in the laboratory.

The technology provides for:
    conducting geological survey in the open hole by an extended set of well-logging methods including NML, Spectral Gamma-Ray Logging (open or cased hole);
    conducting complex processing of the data from the extended set of well-logging methods determining capacitance properties of reservoirs: open porosity, effective porosity, clayeyness contents in clayey minerals (when Gamma-Ray Spectrometry is available), absolute permeability; 
    correcting forecasted productivity in accordance with specific geological and technological conditions (when there is the data on oil viscosity and radius of the drainage contour, etc).

Inclusion of Spectrometry Gamma-Ray Logging into the processing complex allows to forecast productivity in drilled holes and to evaluate how effectively the old well-stock is used compared to forecast and actual productivity figures.

A number of Oil and Gas Producing Divisions of TNG-group apply this technology to evaluate effectiveness of certain well construction technologies and quality of formation exposing. 

The technology allows to evaluate the production capacities of a formation at the initial exposing stage. This allows to predict the need for secondary measures at an early stage.

The technology should be adapted for specific geological objects.

The figure shows an example of forecasting productivity and correlation with the results of laboratory core analysis and operational data. B quality of formation exposing.

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