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The technology for determination of reservoir properties in complex carbonaceous reservoirs


Determination of reservoir properties in carbonaceous rocks.

It allows to identify the type of porosity according to the data from Wave Sonic Logging, Neutron Logging and Spectral Gamma-Ray Logging. It allows to carry out quantitative evaluation:

 contents of clayey minerals: kaolinite () and hydromica ();
 Capacitance properties: 
      granule porosity (Rpor)  
      cavernous porosity (Rpor cav)  
      fracturing porosity (Rpor fr)
      effective granule porosity (Rpor eff)
 Filtering properties:
      granule permeability (Rperm)   
      cavernous permeability (Rperm cav)  
      fracturing permeability (Rperm fr).

The advantage of the technology is the opportunity to obtain quantitative rock parameters according to well-logging data, which were earlier determined exclusively according to the study of rock samples in the laboratory.
The technology has been tested in various deposits and geological environments in the Volga-Urals oil bearing province, in the Eastern Siberia and Western Kazakhstan.
Application of the technology has allowed to carry out the quantitative evaluation of reservoir properties and saturation nature of cavernous dolomite limestones in the Sakmarian-Artian deposits of Western Kazakhstan. At testing, the detected formations showed the flow of nonaqueous oil.

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EL normalized energy of the Lamb Stoneley wave;
U ES - specific electric resistance;
UE- integral natural radioactivity;
UEKT- radioactivity, caused by Potassium and thorium content;
Dk- part of cavernous porosity;
Dlt part of fracturing porosity;
R oil sat  - oil saturation ratio.

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