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The technology for determination of inter-formation cross-flows in the conductor interval applying non-stationary thermal metering


Determination of the beyond-casing cross-flows and detection of intervals with active horizontal filtering and in the conductor interval. The technology may be applied for the monitoring of hydro geological processes in the upper part of a geological section and for solving ecological tasks. Serial borehole equipment is used for the survey. 

Basic technological operations when conducting borehole works:

 running of the tubing with a funnel towards the survey interval;
 registration of the background temperature log;
 creation of an artificial thermal field by a brief flushing of the survey interval with heated water;
 consecutive recording of a series of temperature logs to register decapsulation of the artificial thermal field.

Application of the technology allows to:

 determine the availability of a beyond-casing inter-formation cross-flow in the survey interval, and to ascertain its direction;
 detect in the survey interval a reservoir with active horizontal filtering;
 evaluate the nature of filling of the beyond-casing space (dense or loose environment).

Advantages of the technology:

 high sensitivity to the beyond-casing water displays (0.5 m3/day), and also in the multi-casing borehole structure;
 ecological purity of the technology;
 it does not require the prior shut down of the borehole to restore the geo-  thermo gradient;
 the total period of the borehole standby while conducting all technological operations does not exceed 5 hours.


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Injecting the heated water to create
the artificial thermal field
in the conductor interval
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Determination of beyond-casing crossflows
applying non-stationary thermal metering
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