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Moscow Representation of TNG Group

  The subject of the Representations activities:
  • search for new possibilities of widening the range of services in geophysics and geological exploration for the development of oil and gas fields in Russia and abroad;
  • search for new possibilities of widening the supplies of the latest technologies in Russia and abroad related to the oil and gas complex;
  • marketing analysis of oil and gas fields development  in Russia and supply of oil and gas products in the Central regions of Russia and abroad;
  • search for new business partners in the Russian Federation and abroad;
  • carry out negotiations on cooperation and concluding contracts with Russian and foreign partners;
  • provision of the Russian and foreign partners with information required for mutually beneficial cooperation.

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Yazkar Nuretdinov

First Deputy General Director, Candidate of Technical Science

Address: office 4-04, korpus 1, 25 Vavilov Str., Moscow, Russia, 117312

Phone: +7 (495) 129-45-81

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