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Topographic and Geodetic Department

Topographic and Geodetic Department is a part of the Exploration Geophysics Directorate. The Department was established with the purpose of constant improvement of organization, methods and technology of topographic and geodetic operations.

The Department activities:

Planning and organization of field topographic and geodetic operations;
Preparation of cartographic base for the geophysical maps and drafts;
Arrangement of training for the engineering personnel;
Control over the technology of topographic and geodetic operations and the data quality;
Introduction of new production methods, improvement of the technology of topographic and geodetic operations.

Topographical and geophysical operations are conducted by up-to-date Global Positioning Systems Trimble R7 GNSS and Topcon GB-500-1000 integrated GPS - GLONASS in modes of postprocessing and kinematics of real time (RTK).

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