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TNG-Oralgeo, known as TNG-Western Kazakhstan Branch OJSC Tatneftegeophysica before reorganization, has been implementing its activities in the market of geophysical services in the Republic of Kazakhstan since December, 18, 2001.

Based on the General State License issued by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Republic of Kazakhstan, TNG-Oralgeo carries out geophysical and seismic exploration operations on land, in the transitional zone and offshore using explosive and non-explosive sources of energy, performs borehole-geophysical investigations of wells (well-logging), including study of physical and chemical properties of rocks and oil-bearing formations, execution of shooting operations, control over technical state of wells and fields development, geological and technological control in the course of drilling with the purpose of its optimization, formation testing and rock sampling from wells in oil, gas and gas-condensate fields.

TNG-Oralgeo has gained rich experience in supply of geophysical equipment, specialized machinery, consumables, including explosives, from the countries of the Former Soviet Union to the Republic of Kazakhstan. TNG-Oralgeo can successfully and promptly solve any problems related to customs clearance.

TNG-Oralgeo has at its disposal the most advanced technical facilities and software, highly qualified specialists allowing to accomplish the most complicated geological and geophysical tasks during prospecting, exploration, further exploration and running of oil and gas fields.


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