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Geophysical Expedition VSP-Service

The Specialized Expedition conducts borehole seismic survey by VSP, Broadside VSP, PM VSP and PM Refracted Wave methods. Availability of highly qualified personnel and modern equipment allow to solve the following geological and technological tasks arising during exploration, development and oilfield operation:

1. Parametric support of land seismic operations:

- Study of velocity properties of the open borehole section;
- Detection and stratigraphic tie of refracted waves;
- Forecasting of the geological section below the bottom-hole.

2. Study of structural peculiarities of the near-borehole space:

- Detailed study of the structural peculiarities in the productive intervals in the near-borehole and inter-borehole space;
- Study of the contours and integrity of a deposit.

3. Study of the natural and artificial fracturedness:

- Fracturedness study of carbonaceous rocks, determining the fracturedness parameters (direction, height of development);
- Section division according to the fracturedness degree (density) of rocks;
- Forecast and controlling the results of formation fracturing.











4. Preparation of geological and geophysical data for drilling horizontal and lateral bores.

- Determining inclination of the productive formation;
- Differentiation of the drilled area according to intensity and fracturedness accumulations;
- Detection of possible tectonic faults.

5. Development and introduction of original technologies and instruments.


VSP survey requires the application of multi-point, three-component computerized tools SKTs-823, SK6-623. This equipment is developed and manufactured in TNG Group.
Equipment required for conducting drilling and shooting operations is available (drills, tankers, drilling rigs, water tanks and shooting vehicles).
The necessary set of vibroseis source is available (vibrators HEMI-50, AMGP -28M28 and air guns).
Global Positioning System.

Geography of works: From Komi Republic to Kazakhstan, from Krasnoyarsk region to Ulianovsk.
21, Voroshilov Str., Bugulma, Tatarstan, Russia, 423236.




Expedition Manager

Rinat Vildanov

 +7 85594 9-12-15

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