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TNG-Geoseis makes 2D and 3D seismic survey in Tatarstan, Orenburg and Samara areas, and Ural-Volga region.

For generation of seismic waves, explosive materials are applied in group wells and also seismic vibrators of various updating, including: Hemi-50, PLS-362, NOMAD-65.

Information registration is carried out by means of telemeter systems INPUT/OUTOUT SYS. II, IMAGE SYS., SN-388, 408 UL, 428 XL.

In TNG-Geoseis field parties the technology is realized, allowing to carry out seismic survey on the territories covered with large forests, not resorting to tree clearance.

Thus, it is possible to receive the information on a geological structure of earth's interior on sites, which are inaccessible to seismic survey before, that is the extremely important for the extractive companies.


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Ilgizjar Valeev

Structure includes seismic crew:

NO. 3 - Party Chief Alexander Sergeev (Orenburgskaya and Samarskaya oblast).

NO. 5 - Party Chief Ilshat Sabirov (Tatarstan).

NO. 9 - Party Chief Aljam Valeev (Tatarstan).

NO. 15 - Party Chief Rustam Fahrutdinov (Tatarstan).

NO. 16 - Party Chief Novoselov (Orenburgskaya oblast).

Address: 21, Voroshilov str., Bugulma, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia, 423236





 Ilgizjar Valeev

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