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Directorate on Exploration Geophysics


The basic kind of activities is conducting field geophysical exploration operations by 2D and 3D method and VSP, accomplishing geological surveying, searching and ecological tasks applying the mobile geophysical methods of gravity, magnetic and electric prospecting.

In order to accomplish their tasks, seismic crews are equipped with the up-to-date seismic telemetric systems: Input/Output System-4 (Vectorseis), Input/Output System-2, SN-428XL, SN-408XL, SN-408UL, SN-388. Conducting VSP, Broadside VSP, Uphole, (Seismic) Refraction Method and LVL surveys is supported by the Russian line system Progress L.

Explosive and vibroseis sources of elastic waves excitation are used for production. The main types of vibroseis source are seismic vibrators -Vib (trucked version), PLS-362, Hemi-50, AMG-28, NOMAD-65, 18/120 and Yenisei SE-100 equipped with Global Positioning Systems and also Pelton Control Units and VE-432.

Shothole drilling is conducted by URB-22, URB-4, US-2, PBU-2M UBM-045, BMP-045, UBSHM-1-13, UBSHM-1-20 drilling rigs and portable drilling rigs manufactured in Russia and abroad.

Topographic and geodetic support of geophysical operations is achieved by modern GPS Trimble-R7 GNSS and Topcon GB-500-1000 integrated GPS-GLONASS In modes of postprocessing and kinematics of real time (RTK).

Systems of field surveying are planned by MESA software package. In order to conduct operative control over the quality of the field data, preliminary processing of the initial data in carried out in the base camp by means of the FOCUS and SeisWin-QC. interactive processing softwares.


Seismic crews which are a part of TNG-GROUP Directorate on exploration geophysics, work in Tatarstan, Orenburg, Ulyanovsk and Samara areas, Krasnoyarsk region in Western Siberia, in Republic Komi and in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Angola, Gabon. All these divisions are equipped by the modern equipment, completed by shots of the qualified experts. They are always ready, on mutually advantageous conditions, qualitatively and in time to perform prospecting geophysical works.

- Exploration Geophysics Department
- Topographic and Geodetic Department
- TNG-Kazangeophysica
- TNG-Yugraservice (Western Siberia) 
- TNG-Komigeo (Komi Republic)
- TNG-Geoseis (Tatarstan, Bugulma)
- TNG-Vostokgeo (Eastern Siberia)

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