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JSC Uzenpromgeophysica

11,79 KbThe establishment of enterprise is associated closely with the beginning of Mangyshlak development, when in July 5, 1961, the oil and gas spouter gushed at Zhetybay field (well 6). And after that the first oil and gas spouter gushed at Uzen field.
At the beginning of 1966 the first well logging crews began to arrive being completed with technical means, equipment and well logging instruments from Tatariya In 1966 based on seismic expedition, the Mangyshlak neftegeophysica Trust was founded which comprised the Uzenskaya Borehole-Geophysical Expedition being established on the base of Almetyevskaya well logging crew ( crew chief Abzalov Z.M.) 

In May 1993 it was renamed and became Management on Well Logging Investigations. In June 1994 the Management became Uzenpromgeophysica Joint Stock Company. 

At the beginning of 2001 Tatneftegeophysica OJSC purchased shareholdings of Uzenpromgeophysica JSC. This fact allowed us to perform intensive technical equipment renovation of the enterprise and to provide it with modern equipment, up-to-date technologies, home-produced and foreign software. 

Nowadays Uzenpromgeophysica JSC comprises 10 crews in its staff. The level of rendering services meets the up-to-date requirements, so a successful competitiveness with Kazakhstan and foreign geophysical companies is ensured in comparable quality of operations but less cost of services. 

Main activity:
 Lithological log layering, reservoir formation identifying in open borehole;  
 Determination of cement-bond quality; 
 Complex of geophysical borehole investigations for oil and gas fields development control; 
 Determination of current oil and gas saturation; 
 Well perforation.

For successful solving of given geological tasks we have instruments both for open wellbore and for development control, as well as computerized automatic logging units CFT 1106, 1107 type with Geofit software. 

Computer processing party is equipped with computerized logging laboratory Geofit-1101 with Geofit software for processing and provision the results of geophysical investigations. 

Beginning from the date of enterprise establishment (1966) the following fields were put into operation: Uzen, Karamandybas, Tasbolat, Tengé, Aktas, Zhetybay. We have exploration experience of the following fields: Aksu, Pionersky, Kauyndy, Rakushechny, Bakandy and many other fields. 

Nowadays we conduct operations at the following fields: Uzen, Zhetybay, Tasbolat, Karamandybas, Tengé, Aktas, etc., located in Mangystau oblast of Kazakhstan Republic. 

Mail address:
1, Promzona, Zhanaozen, Mangystauskaya obl, Kazakhstan Republic, 466207, E-mail: 





Zhanbyrbai Tulesinov

+7 (72934) 3-16-51

Chief Engineer

Kyrym Boranbaev

+7 (72934) 3-16-51

Chief Geologist

Tatiana Terentieva

+7 (72934) 3-16-51

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