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Scientific and Technical Management

The Scientific and Technical Management was established with the purpose of ensuring the scientific and technical progress in petroleum geophysics and introduction of Automated Control Systems in TNG Group. It conducts its activities in the following directions:

Conducting the scientific and research, experimental and designing, methological and analytical works in geology, geophysics, geochemistry and geoecology;

Manufacturing and customizing of tools and equipment, their assemblies, devices intended to carry out geological and geophysical operations;

Petrophysical provision of the geological and geophysical data interpretation;

Design, assimilating and introduction of computer technologies of different trends;

Development and introduction of means and methods of metrological provision of geophysical works.

Subdivisions of the Scientific and Technical Management:

Units engaged in scientific-research and experimental-methodical works for various types of logging operations (nuclear-magnetic, pulsed neutron, wave sonic), for geological and technological survey and well testing;

Hydrodynamic investigations of running wells equipped by low pressure electrical centrifugal pumps;

Subdivisions engaged in complex interpretation of well-logging data and automation of well-logging processing and interpretation systems

Experimental and production expedition for geological and technological survey in drilling wells (46 crews, Interpretation-Analytical Centre).

Metrological centre.

Owing to the developments by the Scientific and Technical Management, since 1960-s TNG Group has been one of the leading Russian companies in manufacturing and introduction of new hardware and methodical means of pulsed-neutron and nuclear-magnetic logging.

TNG Groups superiority in this field is generally accepted and confirmed by State Prizes of the Soviet Union, Industry Prizes after Academician Gubkin, medals and diplomas at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements. Designed and manufactured instruments for pulsed-neutron and nuclear-magnetic logging are used in many oil regions of Russia.

The Management provides the following services:

Creation of complex geological and geophysical data processing and interpretation method and technology while drilling and operating of horizontal wells and sideholes;
Development of computer technologies for determination and control over the current and residual formation oil saturation;
Development of well condition controlling technology, determination of the cementing quality on the base of wave acoustic logging methods;
Informational provision of the data base generation for hydrodynamical models construction;
Hardware and software adaptation for different geological and technical conditions;
Implementation of borehole investigations by special methods (pulsed-neutron logging, nuclear-magnetic logging, C/O logging, sonic-waveform logging) in Russia and abroad;
Creation of the methodical complex for Geological and Technological Investigations providing an operative evaluation of formation parameters and correction of the projected stem while drilling horizontal wells and sideholes;
Maintenance of slant, horizontal wells, sideholes.

The Scientific and Technical Management develops:

Well-logging Technologies

The technology for determination of the residual oil saturation in the developed oil formations applying Pulsed Neutron Logging
The technology for determination of the inter-formation cross-flows in the conductor interval applying non-stationary thermal metering
The technology for determination of the reservoir properties in complex carbonaceous reservoirs applying Wave Sonic and Spectral Gamma-Ray Logging
The technology for the determination of effective porosity with regard to the cement composition in terrigenous reservoirs applying Spectral Gamma-Ray Logging
The technology for forecasting of productivity in the terrigenous reservoirs according to the well-logging data from the open borehole
The technology for the study of structural peculiarities in the near-well space by Broadside VSP (PM VSP) method
The technology for the study of velocity and lithological-stratigraphic properties of a geological section by VSP (PM VSP) method
The technology for the well-logging of the old stock via the cross-tubing space equipped with a hydraulic pump, without involving sub-surface maintenance and overhaul teams
The technology for the study of the secondary exposing and developing of oil formations by a universal geophysical hoist with a hydraulic mast.
The technology for the study of fracturedness in carbonaceous rocks in the near-well space
he technology for interval-by-interval pressure testing of production strings by cable devices
The technology for the determination of the beyond-string space by the Radon method.

Well-logging Equipment

AINK-90-1C Pulsed Neutron Gamma-Ray Logging Apparatus
AINK-36-3C Pulsed Neutron Gamma-Ray Logging Apparatus

AINL-43-1C Pulsed Neutron Gamma-Ray Logging Apparatus
YAK-8-923C and MAYAK-1 - Nuclear Magnetic Logging Apparatus

VAK-8 Multi-Sonde Wave Sonic Logging Apparatus
GDI-5 Production Logging Apparatus
RK-2LM Radioactive Logging Apparatus
RKM-3C Small-sized Radioactive Logging Apparatus
UEGIS-2 Ejector Device for Borehole Investigations
SKC-1-823 and SKC-6-823 Well Velocity Survey Apparatus
KONPAK-1 Logging Control Surface Apparatus
BIOUP Borehole Module for the Informational Support of the Packer Equipment
GKL-2C Logging Module Gamma-Ray Logging, Magnetic Coupling Locator

Components, Spares and Materials
Metrological Centre


Software for determination of reservoir properties and mineralogical composition of rocks based on Neutron Gamma-Ray Logging+, Gamma-Ray Logging+, Wave Sonic Logging+, Litho Density Logging methods
Software for determination of P, P, and D/d for E-49, E-42 apparatus using apparent resistivity readings along 8 directions around the tool axis.

Contact Information:

12, Nikitin Str., Tatarstan, Russia, 423232

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