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Well Logging Department

Well LoggingDepartment is a structural part of Well Logging Directorate in TNG Group. It was established in order to carry out management and control (methodical and technical) of well logging operations. The main trends of the Department activity are the following:

Organizational and technical managing, controlling the operations activity of well logging subdivisions;
Participation in preparing of designs, plans, reports, orders, instructions, directive documents, letters on issues being in Departments competence;
Working out the proposals for drawing up draft plan of research, experimental-methodical and subject-matter operations being conducted both in self-financing mode and on contract basis with other enterprises.

Main tasks being solved by the Department are the following:

Control for the implementation of organizational-technical measures for putting into practice the geological well logging tasks by all subdivisions of the Company;
Organization of works for mastering and put into operation the new techniques, new methods of geophysical and geochemical borehole investigations, advanced and up-to-date domestic and foreign experience aimed at increasing of labour productivity, geological and economical efficiency of borehole geophysical operations;
Organization and control of well shooting operations;
Control for the correctness of radioactive substances usage and for observation of sanitary rules and norms while these substances usage;
Organization and control of operations using drill-stem testers;
Carrying out the quality control of correct organization and safety conducting of geophysical operations in Well Logging Managing Departments of the Company and taking part in Companys Permanent Acting Commission;
Carrying out the quality control of well logging and geophysical operations, being conducted by Company enterprises, control of realization of Technical Instruction on Conducting of Well Logging Investigations and Specifications on Well Logging Investigations for Oil and Gas;
Establishing relations with enterprises, scientific-research institutes concerning problems of organization and further improvement of well logging.

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