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Nurlat Managing Department of Borehole Geophysical Investigations was established on the base of Nurlatsaya Expedition of Bugulma Borehole Geophysical Bureau in January, 1976 according to the direction of Tatneftegeophysica Trust.

In 2006 it was reorganized into TNG-NurGIS

The first task facing the Nurlat geophysicists was to determine the presence and amount of oil reserves in southern and southwestern part of Tatariya.

The beginning of drilling out the exploratory fields and their commissioning increased the scope of well logging considerably.

Nowadays the staff of TNG-NurGIS consists of highly qualified, literate specialists and workers knowing the complicated technique perfectly, performing and over-performing the tasks with geophysical data of good quality.

The geography of operations:

The investigations are carried out in wells of Bureykinskoye, Yuzhno-Nurlatskoye, Vishnevo-Polyanskoye, Demkinskoye, Melnikovskoye, Kiyazlinskoye, Aksubayevo-Mokshinskoye, Zyuzeyevskoye, Tcheremshanskoye, and other oil fields.


TNG-NurGIS performs borehole geophysical, geochemical, shooting operations in wells under drilling of Nurlat Drilling Managing Department, Almetyevsk Geophysical Exploration Expedition in producing wells of Nurlatneft Oil and Gas Producing Department, TatRITEKneft Oil and Gas Producing Department, Kondurchaneft Oil and Gas Producing Department, Ideloil CJSC, Yamashneft Oil and Gas Producing Department ,Tatnefteprom-Ziuzeyevneft JSC, SVAB LLC, Tatnefteotdacha JSC, Ulianovskneft JSC, etc.

Main activity:

The following investigations are carried out in wells while drilling:

Drilling control and spatial borehole position determination by high-prcision magnitometric and gyroscopic inclinometers;
Lithological section dismembering, reservoir detection with quantitative determination of its properties and saturation character by the complex of radioactive, acoustic, electric, density and nuclear-magnetic logging methods;
Operative detection of oil and gas saturated formations in drilling well sections according to mud logging data;
Testing of the prospective section intervals by tube formation testers and by testers on cables with sampling;
Well casing and cementing quality determination by gamma-gamma and acoustic cement bond log sondes including scanning modifications;
Perforation of production string by firing and perforating guns with tying to sections;
Well completion by swabbing method or by injector pumps with the determination of hydrodynamic formation parameters.

Main tasks being solved for control of field development and technical state of producing wells are the following:

The determination of oil-water and gas-oil contacts by methods of pulse and stationary neutron and spectral logging; inflow intervals and fluid content in producing wells; water flooding sources; energetic state of deposit in well and in the field on the whole; injectivity profile in injection wells; annulus circulation intervals by thermal log, flowmeter, moisture metering, resistivity metering, density metering, noise metering, barometry along with usage for tie-in of gamma-ray logging and collar location.

TNG-NurGIS is well prepared for carrying on the following experimental-methodical and research works:

Optimization the complex of borehole geophysical and hydrodynamic investigations while workover;
The development of methodical recommendations for logs studying in order to add reservoirs and to explore additionally the oil and gas deposits in upper horizons of old wells stock;
Scanning, digitizing, reinterpretation and compiling the data base of oil fields geophysical borehole investigations archives;
Complex studying technology of operating, energetic and hydrodynamic characteristics of oil fields producing formations.

Contact Information:

138, Sovetskaya Str., Nurlat, Tatarstan Republic, Russia, 423042
Phone/fax: +7 (84345) 2-83-87





Marat Tukhvatullin

+7 (84345) 2-83-97

Chief Engineer

Petr Pidperigora

+7 (84345) 2-83-87

Chief Geologist

Luisa Naumova

+7 (84345) 2-83-96

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