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Beginning from the first years of establishment the Department aimed to master the novel technical achievements. During last years because of reduction of traditional types of exploration, the Department began to suggest the Client new types of services for producing reservoirs exploration or operation. It is about small-size perforators (PMI-48), drilling of new wellbore from old well strings; as well as technology and complex of instruments for well horizontal sections, short-life isotopes made using Radon unit at managing department, reservoir implosions, well swabbing on logging cable (wireline). All this allowed achieving stable volume of operations.


Staff quantity near 700 pers.,
Quantity of parties and crews - 90

Main activity:

Well logging, hydrodynamic investigations and shooting operations in being drilled vertical, directional and horizontal wells as well as in producing, injection and observation wells.

1. Orientation and wells drilling control using high-accuracy digital inclinometers ION-1, IMMN-60, IMMN-36;
2. Investigations of wells under drilling using complex digital instruments 1-723, RK-5, Ya-8, PF-73, SKPU-4 as well as instruments I-42, E-45 being designed for investigation of 301-303 deposits wells being drilled using polymer-salt solution.
3. Well logging in directional and horizontal wells using hardware and software complex AMK Horizon and RLC (rigid logging cable).
4. Determination of casing cement-bond quality using acoustic cement-bond meters -2, ZAS-03, -42 with recording of phase-correlation log and with density gamma-logging SGDT-NV, SGDT-100 (determination of matter density in annulus, well string wall thickness, well string eccentricity, location of centering masts).

5. Shooting operations with simultaneous recording of mud logging using computerized station Vulkan, collar location, barometry, thermometry using devices Reper; P-4 with deep penetration cumulative charges (105-DN, 105; for small diameter wells - PR-54, PR-42). Perforation of producing well strings using boring perforator PS-112. Shooting operations are held using up-to-date perforation systems PKO-73 and PKO-89. Bridge plug VPSh is used for underseam isolation and cement bridging arrangement.
6. Well development by swabbing with simultaneous recording of inflow curve using autonomous devices Ts-4 with determination of productivity factor, reservoir pressure and average production rate.
7. Determination of annulus cross-flows in near-wellhead zone above static level using thermal gradient indicator ITGSN.
8. Monitoring the technical state of steel pipes and casing, drilling pipes and tubing having multi-string construction using instruments EMDS-TM42U, EMDS-S(112) complied with micro-calipers SKPU-8.
9. Well logging in annulus of operating producing wells using instrument SKPU-8. The operating intervals of oil levels, oil-water interface are identified here, and well liquid mineralization is determined using induction resistivity meter.
10. Well logging under pressure in injection well stock using lubrication device ULGIS, derrick VG-2 and special cable G1-18-130.
11. Formations testing, cleaning of near-wellhead zone and pressurizing of wellstring using drill-stem tester KII-95, formation testing in being drilled wells using II-146 and wireline formation testing along with fluid sampling IPD-7-70.
12. Determination of reservoir saturation nature using digital tool INK-36 along with determination of current saturation.
13. Well logging in Perm stratum of Ufa layer (bituminous wells) along with determination of porosity factor and clayiness index of bituminous saturation.
14. Investigation using radioactive isotopes (Radon-222 having 3.8 days half-life period). New container KSG-1 is applied for isotopes delivery into interval of investigation on logging cable, allowing to conduct geophysical borehole investigations (annulus cross-flow determination) without application of special instrumentTsA-320.
15. New instruments KSA- T12 are used for hydrodynamic investigations in wells, the instrument KSA-KPT during shooting operations on pipes (PKT-73, PKT-89) for detonator initiation and perforator orientation (in horizontal wells). New type of drill perforator PGSP is used (penetration depth is 12 mm).
16. Packer Poisk is used for definition of flow string airtightness (in addition to Kamilyanov packer). It also may register such parameters as temperature, pressure, collar location, gamma logging.

Contact Information:

15, Chaikovsky Str., Leninogorsk, Tatarstan, Russia, 423250

Phone/fax: +7 (85595) 5-32-78, +7 (85573) 9-02-73, -mail:

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