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TNG-AlGIS is the biggest well logging and geophysics subdivision of TNG-Group.

Main Activity:

1. All complex of well logging and geophysical investigations in wells under drilling of all categories and having depths to 6,000 meters;
2. Well logging in horizontal wells under drilling using AMK-Horizon autonomous complex, rigid logging (geophysical) cable; revealing of water flooding sources in producing and under repair horizontal wells, geophysical technical support the process of drilling through old well borehole.
3. Well logging in the control process for oil field development and workover using complex instruments, including IK-temperature logging in wells not filled with fluid.
4. Well logging in injection wells, without well repair teams, at any injection modes, using lubricators ULGIS-type and autonomous on wire through tubing in order to determine the leak tightness of producing wellbore, tubing and input (injectivity) profile.
5. Well logging in wells, equipped with deep-well sucker-rod pumps, through annulus using small-diameter (28 mm) complex instruments on logging cable for determination of inflow intervals, water-flooding sources, leak tightness of producing wellbore.
6. Secondary opening-out of reservoirs in cased wells, including the following operations: shooting operations in the well using charges with increased disruptive capability or with big opening for monitoring the process of perforator response; opening-out of reservoirs using PS-112 rotary-drill perforator and PGSP with monitoring the drilling process in string, cement, rock; reservoir opening out with depression using perforators being lowered on tubing or small-size perforators through tubing.

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7. Core sampling using boring corer with tie-in the depths to drill log.
8. Monitoring the technical status of casing using the following: acoustic televiewer, acoustic matrix-metering with registration of phase correlation diagrams, gamma-ray density metering, electromagnetic flaw detection including scanning.
9. Well development using swab, jet-type pump (UEGIS) with simultaneous recording the swabbing process using autonomous instruments and with recording of KVU.
10. Monitoring the field development in order to study water drive process using neutron pulse sources and using carbon-oxygen logging method.
11. Efficient monitoring the technical status of wells using interval-by-interval pressuring device on loggingcable.
12. Practical usage of special-purpose geophysical hoist combined with hydro crane; this allows conducting in the well the whole spectrum of geophysical operations beginning from well development to monitoring of well technical status without enlisting any means of Client.
13. Well logging with the application of borehole camera Tsiclop
14. Well logging in gas wells.

Processing and interpretation of geophysical borehole investigation data while drilling is carried out using data processing systems INGIS, GINTEL and ORTCOM.

Computerizing of analysis logs is carried out as well as re-interpretation of old wells stock log interpretation results, reservoir properties and saturation quantitative parameters are given as well as recommendations on additional exploration; missed producing reservoirs are revealed.

The number of geophysical parties and crews is 93. Parties are located at two base locations in Almetyevsk and Yelabuga; service departments for repair and maintenance of both borehole instruments and motor-vehicle transport are located there too.

Field Research Expedition of TNG-AlGIS

Main Activity:

Control of the formation and bottom-hole pressure on the oil deposit in order to control the development, determination of optimal regimes of well operating;
Pressure transient technique application for layer reservoir features determination, determination of productivity factor and intake capacity of well;
Dynamometer card registration for control of deep-well pumping unit,
Bringing the well on to stable production after well remedial work;
Subsurface sampling for oil characterization in formation conditions;
Wellhead sampling for determination of well stream watering and chemical analysis;
Fluid flow rate gauging by registers of fluid flow rate on producing well with well discharge from 0,1 to 120 ton/day;
Integrated study of fluid and gas flow rate on producing wells with fluid output to 400 ton/day and gas to 19200 m3/day , determination of % well stream watering by mass measurement unit ASMA-T-03 type.
Fluid flow definition on injection wells by up-to-date portable ultrasonic flowmeters TransPort PT878, PANAMETRICS
Researching (hydroaudition) on hydrodynamic regime optimization of various deposits development by modern distant-action instruments.

All borehole surveys are conducted by tested instruments with permanent memory exclusive human factor interference, results of survey are delivered to the client in electronic form.
The number of hydrodynamic survey crews is 47. Crews are located at four base locations in Yelabuga, Jalil, industrial bases Mavrino and Yamashi.

Contact Information: 4, Zavodskaya Str., Almetievsk, Tatarstan, Russia, 423464
Phone/fax: +7 (8553) 31-87-04, e-mail:

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