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Well Logging Directorate


Nine borehole geophysical subsidiary companies of Directorate having in its staff more than 400 field crews operate in different regions of Russia: Tatarstan, Udmurt Republic, Komi, Western Siberia, Eastern Siberia, Kalmykia, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Orenburgskaya, Ulianovskaya, Samarskaya oblasts, and abroad: Republic of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan. The enterprises perform borehole-geophysical, geochemical, hydrodynamic and shooting operations for oil companies such as Tatneft, Udmurtneft, LUKOIL, Gasprom RJSC, TNK-BP and many others. These operations are performed vertical, deviated wells of different categories and horizontal wells under drilling and in producing well stock (producing, injection and monitoring-observation wells). TNG-Group has mature technology and exploration experience of terrigenous, carbonate rocks, including poor-porous fracture, opening-out by vertical, controlled directional, horizontal wells, sideholes.The unique technology of horizontal boreholes geophysical investigation allows carrying on investigations both in borehole and in casing string through drilling tool and through tubing. Time expenditures for investigation in horizontal boreholes up to 300 m are comparable with the same in vertical wells having the same depth. We are recognized as leaders in Russian Federation owing to our informational service level and types of rendered services in horizontal drilling. All logging crews servicing wells under drilling and complex parties carrying on investigations in producing well stock are equipped with software-and-hardware logging complexes which allow to conduct preliminary processing of investigation results just on well site and to submit it to the Client. In the case of necessity logging data are transmitted using satellite communication channel.

The tasks of provision the borehole geophysical operations with up-to-date methods and technical means are entrusted to Scientific and Technical Managing Department. Within the responsibilities of this branch the following operations are performed: experimental-methodical works for development of new methods, apparatus for solving the geological tasks arisen in the process of fields development and exploitation; the development and commercial manufacturing, basically for company needs, of well logging instruments and equipment working with methods of nuclear-magnetic, neutron, wave and acoustic logging, of complex instruments for control of digital recorders development.

Main Activities:

Application of up-to-date technology of geophysical investigation while drilling and workover;
Monitoring of field exploration and development;
Application of complex geophysical technologies for intensification of production;
Shooting operations;
Well testing and development combined with determination of reservoir hydrodynamic parameters;
Experimental-methodical works aimed to the development of new methods and apparatus, designing and manufacturing of well logging instruments and equipment using different types of logging, complex instruments for the development control;
Designing and support of the geophysical investigation data processing and interpretation software packages.

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Ramil Mukhamadiev

First Deputy General Director
- Director on Borehole Geophysics

Tel.: +7(85594) 7-75-12


Our Clients:

Tatneft OJSC, Lukoil OC, Gazprom RJSC, Orenburgneft, Udmurtneft OJSC, Komineft OJSC, Tatex JSC, Tatoilgas JSC and more than 20 other companies on oil fields of Tatarstan.

Geophysical investigations in wells under drilling:

Drilling control and spatial borehole position determination by high-precision magnitometric and gyroscopic inclinometers along with the tie on the results of GR measurements;
Lithological section dismembering, reservoir detection with quantitative determination of its properties and saturation character by the complex of radioactive, acoustic, electric, density and nuclear-magnetic logging methods;
Operative detection of oil and gas saturated formations in drilling well sections according to mud logging data;

Testing of the prospective section intervals by tube formation testers and by testers on cables with sampling;
Well casing and cementing quality test by gamma-gamma and acoustic cement bond log sondes including scanning modifications;
Perforation of the production string by firing and drilling perforators with the tie to the section and documented control;
Well completion by swabbing method or by injector pumps with the determination of hydrodynamic formation parameters.

Geophysical investigations on field development control:

Determination of oil-water and gas-oil contacts by pulsed logging, stationary neutron logging and C/O logging, inflow intervals and fluid content in producing well, sources of water flooding, energetic state of deposit in wells and in the field on the whole, injectivity profile in injectior wells, intervals of annular circulation by thermal log, flowmeter, bottom hole sludge and moisture monitoring, induction mud resistivity log, densitometer, noise measuring meter, barometer measuring and Oxygen-Neutron Activation Logging;
Determination of shape and size of producing strings damages, location of benchmark, packer, bottom-hole using methods of well radioactivity logging, magnetic-pulse flaw detection, casing collar location and borehole acoustic televiewer;
Ecological monitoring of technical and drinking water safety by unique technologies;
For oil recovery enhancement of the productive formations and to increase well injectivity, the following cable technologies for formation stimulation are used: thermal-gas and chemical, perforation and depression, thermal and gas depression, implosion and acoustic. Stimulation effectiveness reaches 80 %, its duration is 3-6 months, and wells productivity increases by 2-5 times.

Technical equipment and results of well logging investigations

The equipment used:

Self-propelled logging recorders-hoists mounted on KAMAZ-43118 chassis equipped with the up-to-date hardware and software complexes: HECTOR, Vulkan, Kedr.
Well logging truck hoists mounted on KAMAZ-43114, ZIL-131, URAL-4320 with mechanical and hydraulic drives.
Drill units VG-2 on URAL-4320 chassis.
General-purpose hoists PKS-5GSV mounted on KAMAZ-43118 truck.
SIRIUS-2000, GEOTEST-5, Geotex recorders for geological and technological investigations

Well logging services are conducted by more than 400 logging crews, all of them are equipped with up-to-date hardware and software complexes. It allows to conduct preliminary processing of the results of investigations at the well site and to deliver hard copies and geological conclusion to the Client. The Client is provided with the results of geophysical investigations in the graphical form and in the form of geological conclusion in 4-8 hours after the geological and geophysical data acquisition completion. Graphical data is presented in the form of diagrams and as quantitative parameters on sections with lithological column.

The following information is presented in the geological conclusion: reservoir intervals, type of fluid saturating the reservoir, gypsum measuring and the quantitative parameters of the reservoirs that are necessary to estimate the oil reserves. Lithologic and fluid models of the formations are presented in the graphical form, as well as continuous porosity, clayiness, oil saturation and permeability.

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