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Chief Engineer

TNG-Group is dynamically developing oil servicing company. Priority directions of companys further development include the improvement of corporate management system in accordance with the recognized world practices. Quality Management System represents a part of corporate management system. Since 2006 TNG-Group has been applying the Quality Management System in accordance with International Standard ISO 9001-2000.

TNG-Group considers itself accountable for health and safety of its personnel as well as for the environmental protection and efficient use of natural resources. In 2008, Company started introduction of an integrated management system consolidating Quality Management System (DIN EN ISO 9001), Health and Safety Management System (DIN EN OHSAS 18002), and Environmental Management System (DIN EN ISO 14001).

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Oleg Semenov

Chief Engineer Deputy General Director

Phone: +7 (85594) 7-75-13, +7 (85594) 4-13-35

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