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Geoinform Center

 Interpretation groups 1-9
 Thematic party 
 Centre for geologic and hydrodynamic modeling of oil / gas and oil / gas / condensate fields
 Group for complex interpretation of well-logging data
 Group for processing and interpretation of VSP and broadside VSP data

      The activities of the Geoinform Center include the following: processing and interpretation of seismic data, complex analysis of geological and geophysical information, development of original interpretation technologies, creation of geological and hydrodynamic models of oil and gas fields.

    Processing and interpretation are carried out in the Processing Centre equipped with the 20-processor server SUN Enterprise 10 000, 8 Gb RAM and a 8-processor Linux Cluster with total disk space over 7100 Gb, archiving system over 1500 Gb. This allows to process over 10 000 linear km of 2D survey and over 2000 of 3D survey annually.

    138 workstations connected into one network with the server, provide access to the most complicated processing and interpretation software by "Landmark", "Schlumberger", "Paradigm Geophysical" and WesternGeco, and the solution to the most delicate geological tasks of exploration and borehole geophysics.  

    By means of a specialized archiving system, all geophysical data acquired in-field, is copied onto cartridges for a long-time storage. A computer technology has been introduced allowing to digitize and to input seismic and borehole-geophysical data recorded on any media in analog form.

There is a data base containing a significant volume of seismic data from various oil and gas regions of Russia.

The Geoinform Center  personnel have gained an experience of conducting operations in various climatic and geologic regions:
      Ancient platforms;
      Juvenile plates;
      Salt tectonics and diapirism;
      Intermountain areas.

Processing and interpretation are conducted with regard to the world experience and knowledge proven effective in various regions of the Earth, by means of modern software packages.  

Multiwave 3D-3C  seismic  data has been processed
 and interpreted for an oilfield in Tatarstan

35,88 Kbview

There is a possibility of an integrated processing of seismic
from various years using different vibration sources


     Application of the Geodepth 2d-3d software package for conducting depth and time pre-stack migration creats new opportunities for the study of geological models in complex seismic environment of the saline dome tectonics. 
     Highly-qualified personnel are capable of accomplishing a wide range of tasks while performing operations aimed at searching and exploration of oil and gas fields:

    Conducting regional operations aimed at studying the depth composition of the Earth crust;
    Detection of new objects perspective for oil;
    Detailed mapping of the complex oil and gas traps;
    Specifying the outlines of oil-bearing fields;
    Predicting the lithologic and facies variations of reservoirs (fig.1);
    Determining the reservoir properties of the productive intervals in the section within the interborehole space (fig.2);
    Oil saturation prediction of hydrocarbon deposits within an area (fig.3) ;
    Detailed digital modeling of an oilfield.
     The Group for Geological and Hydrodynamic Modeling creates and supports permanently active geological and technological models of oil and gas fields. Various development plans are modeled on the basis of multi-variant calculations made in the shortest possible time. The Group closely cooperates with the Volga-Kama Regional Department of the Russian Academy of Natural Science.

    For geologic modeling, Schlumbergers GeoFrame software package is applied. The package meets the requirements set for the Permanently Active Geological and Technological Models. Hydrodynamic modeling is conducted by means of Eclipse 100 and Eclipse 300 programs.

Computer models are created for the oilfields being at various stages of exploration and development. For the new fields, modeling helps to specify the geological composition of deposits, to evaluate reserves and to systematize the existing information on a field. For the continuously-developed fields, modeling allows to work out and to correct the activities aimed at increasing the production. 
The in-depth approach towards interpretation and analysis of geological and geophysical data creates new opportunities for the Client concerning evaluation of the hydrocarbon potential of sedimentary deposits, detecting productive zones and determining the most appropriate well location plan while developing oilfields.

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21, Voroshilov Str., Bugulma, Tatarstan, Russia, 423236.




Manager of the Geoinform Center

Igor Ustimov

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