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General Director

Yan G. Sharipov,

TNG Group, city of Bugulma, has been conducting scientific and practical activitiesin the market of geophysical services for more than 60 years. Such a long period of time has allowed us to gain rich experience and, as a result of successful work, a rich scientific and human potential. It is more than ten years now that our company has been under the leadership of Yan G. Sharipov.

"Experience of working in various climatic and geological environments (Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Poland, India, China, Caucasus, Kazakhstan) accumulated throughout many years of painstaking work, has contributed to a significant expansion of the offered services in Russia as well.

Nowadays we carry out geophysical investigations in a wide range of regions in the Russian Federation: Eastern and Western Siberia, Yambourg, South and North of Komi Republic, Republic of Udmurtia, Orenbourg region; we also perform complete maintenance of fields in the Republic of Tatarstan.

A number of specific conditions have demanded creation of a new internal structure in the Company which is different from the traditional one. This is, first and foremost, a wide geography of operations. And also a need in efficient coordination of financial and technical resources of the Company while providing the high geological efficiency of geophysical investigations".

Yan G. Sharipov

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