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Drilling and Workover Directorate

TNG-Group provides petroleum industry companies with wide range of drilling services.

Company`s drilling services include:

Construction of wildcat, exploration and producing wells
Horizontal and directional drilling
Completion and testing of producing and exploration wells
Sidetrack drilling from earlier drilled and cased holes
Drilling of bitumen wells
Implementation of new technologies and engineering support of drilling operations.

TNG-Group works in close collaboration with TatNIPIneft Institute improving and adopting up-to-date drilling technologies.

TNG-Group has own modern drilling rigs at its disposal and, if required, can rent additional rigs.

High technical and technological qualification of drilling crews enables to apply entire arsenal of modern drilling technologies, downhole tools and special drilling mud systems on the Clients fields. TNG-Group incorporates scientific and technical department specializing in support of directional drilling using in-house telemetry systems.

TNG-Group currently operates in Tatarstan, Orenburg and Samara regions, and Eastern Siberia. Alongside with drilling activities on the territory of Russian Federation TNG-Group also carries out drilling operations in Libya.

Our regular clients: TATNEFT, GAZPROM, TNK-BP, Baytex (Hungary), National Oil Corporation (Libya).

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