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About the company

TNG Group is one of the leading highly-technological oilfield servicing companies in the Russian Federation with over a half-century background which includes operations in various climatic and geological environments in Russia, CIS, Asia and the Middle East.

TNG Group carries out geological and geophysical operations aimed at exploration and development of oil and gas fields. It provides a full spectrum of geophysical services in oil and gas wells including horizontal wells, monitors fields development, applies the most advanced methods of 2D and 3D survey, electric, gravity and magnetic survey, aerospace decoding, processing of geological and geophysical data using the up-to-date software packages.

TNG Group is the largest oilfield servicing company in Russia employing over eleven thousand people. We have at our disposal nearly all methods of geophysical exploration applied in the world practice.

At present time, we are the only Russian company to open the Joint Venture - «TAHARA Petroleum Services Company (TNG-Libya) » - in the Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.

The innovation path chosen by our company, has allowed to add to its arsenal the most advanced highly-technological geophysical equipment, unique scientific developments and powerful computers. Availability of modern technology and highly-skilled professionals, elaboration of proprietary scientific developments ensure TNG Group’s high rating point in the competitive market of geophysical services and successful cooperation with the leading oil companies among which are OJSC “Tatneft”, Gazprom, LUKOIL, TNK-BP and many others.

The structure of the company comprises three major Directorates managed by the Deputy General Directors of TNG Group:


Directorate on Exploration Geophysics
Twenty two field crews accomplish seismic exploration operations conducted by the Exploration Geophysics Directorate in all regions of Russia, CIS and foreign states; among them 14 crews conduct 3D seismic survey.

Well Logging Directorate
Director – Ramil Mukhamadiev

Nine borehole-geophysical enterprises of the Directorate comprising 400 crews, work in various regions of Russia and Former Soviet Union – Tatarstan, Udmurt Republic, Western Siberia, Eastern Siberia, Komi Republic and Kazakhstan, and conduct borehole-geophysical, geological-chemical, hydro-dynamical and shooting operations for Tatneft, Udmurtneft, LUKoil, KazMunaiGas and other oil companies. [details]

Directorate on Geology
Director – Chief Geologist Valentina Ekimenko

The range of activities includes processing and interpretation of geophysical and geological data, delivery of the results to the Client and current monitoring over observance of investigation and interpretation technology at all stages. Availability of a powerful Processing Centre equipped with modern software and engineering equipment, ensures a successful accomplishment of the set tasks. [details]

We are open for cooperation and ready to offer our Clients the best value for money regarding the works we conduct.

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